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The purpose of this badge is to assist with the process of members transferring to the next section and is designed to reinforce the importance of physically linking between sections and compliment the Association’s Moving On Award.

It is an optional activity and can be used as the first step in encouraging your members to visit the next section and get to know the leaders and members. The tasks can be used for the Chief Scout Awards or Challenge Awards and as part of the Moving On Award when they eventually 'move up'.

It can be done as part of a small group or as an individual. It is anticipated that the linking visits and activities will take place during the term before transfer.

It is not a replacement to the Moving On Award.  This badge is just the first step in the process of 'going up'. The Moving On Award should be completed as intended.

1.  Be at least 7 ½ years old.

2.  Visit your Cub Pack (with your parents or leader), meet the leaders and take part in a game or activity.

3.  Find out about the Pack, the Grand Howl and how the Sixes work.

4.  Tell the other Beavers in your Beaver Colony about your visit.

5.  Invite the Sixers and/or the Cub Scout Leader to visit your Colony to run a game or activity or talk to the Beavers about the Cub Scout programme.

6   Optional: Take part in a joint Beaver/Cub activity as agreed by your leader.

1.  Be at least 10 years old.

2.  Visit your Scout Troop, find out what happens during the flag ceremonies and take part in an activity, (your Cub Leader or parents will accompany you).

3.  Meet the Leaders, Patrol Leaders and members of the Troop and find out how the patrol system works.

4.  Speak to the Scout Leader after your visit to ask questions and tell them what you enjoyed most.

5.  Tell the other Cubs in your Cub Pack about your visit.

6.  Invite the PL's and/or the Scout Leader to visit the Cub Pack to run a game or activity  or talk to the Cubs about the Scout Troop programme.

7.  Optional: Take part in a joint Cub/Scout activity as agreed by your leader.

1.  Be at least 13 ½ years old.

2.  Visit an Explorer Scout Unit of your choice and take part in an activity, (your Scout Leader may accompany you if you wish.)

3.  Find out how the Unit runs, what programme activities they have planned, camping trips and expeditions.

4.  Speak to the Explorer Scouts and Leaders and ask any questions ou may have and discuss when

     it would be appropriate to visit again.

5.  Tell the other Scouts in your Scout Troop about your visit.

6.  Invite the Explorers and/or the ESL to visit your Troop and to run a game or activity and/or use the opportunity to talk to the other Scouts about the Explorer programme.

7.  Optional: Take part in a joint Scout/Explorer activity as agreed by your leader.

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