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During a busy section meeting, it can often be a struggle to really have a chance to chat to the parents as they drop off or wait to pick up their children. Sometimes the opportunity to just let people know about the ways they can get involved with your Group and the fact that you as leaders would appreciate their help can be a hard task and an opportunity missed.


One idea that we have developed to help get round this is an Opportunities Board. By placing the enclosed poster along with your chosen vacancy cards in a prominent position in your Group's meeting place, in a lobby area or by the door into a hall, you can promote to parents and other adults the many ways and opportunities that your Group has to get involved in the fun.


A pack has been sent to every Scout Group in the County and includes:


Below you can find PDFs of all the different resources in the pack and role description for the 15 generic adult roles detailed on the role cards.

board designv4 (A2).pdf opportuntie cards FINAL.pdf Group Scout Leader.pdf group-Section leader.pdf group-assistant setion leader.pdf group-SA.pdf Group - Occassional Helper.pdf Group SAS member.pdf group-gchair.pdf group-gsec.pdf group-gtr.pdf Group Executive Committee Member.pdf Media Manager Group MDM.pdf training-tad.pdf Getting involved with the Group Executive Commitee FINAL.pdf To Busy to Volunteer -  poster (A3).pdf Nothing to Do - Poster (A3).pdf Group adult recruitment leaflet FINAL.pdf Cover Sheet and intro FINAL.pdf Leaflet order Form.pdf From Abseiling to Zorbing a parent's guide to Scouting leaflet.pdf

Once you have the right person to carry out a role in Scouting, the next step is integration.

What is integration?

Integration is the next step after someone says yes. It is about welcoming them and getting them started in Scouting and moving forward. This involves:


Many people who get involved in Scouting leave after just a short while, this could be for a variety of reasons from not having a chance to do anything, not being sure exactly what is expected of them, not feeling valued, to being left without any support.

A good way of overcoming some of these difficulties, and encouraging people to stay involved with Scouting longer, is to plan a period of integration into Scouting for a new leader or helper.  We have developed lots of tools and resources to help you with this and you can find them by CLICKING HERE!