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Gift Aid is a simple government initiative which allows you to increase the value of your donations at no extra cost to you. For every pound you are given, you can get an extra 25 pence* from HM Revenue and Customs, helping your donations go further.

In real terms, this means that if a Group had 50 members paying £60 per year, it would give them a total income of £3,000 per year. Assuming all of the parents/guardians are taxpayers then the potential Gift Aid is around £750 per year.

If you have not claimed Gift Aid before, you are entitled to claim back the previous four years of contributions.

In the past we have found that many Groups/Districts/Counties will spend a great deal of time on a grant application with no guarantee of a return. Gift Aid does not take anywhere near the amount of time to administer as a standard grant application, and income is guaranteed, yet not everyone is doing it.

HM revenue and Customs regards Membership Subscriptions

as 'donations' and Groups or Districts can claim gift aid on

these fees. You can also get Gift Aid on money donated

for sponsored events. Gift Aid is not available on camp

or Jamboree fees because the benefit to the 'donor'

is regarded as too high to qualify for the scheme.

* at current basic tax rate (2011/2012) of 20%

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