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Congratulations!   After what seems like forever, it appears that the flyer at the playground, pestering parents, the web site advert and cajoling your members to be on their best behaviour during prospective leader visits have finally paid off; your new leader has turned up for their first section meeting.

But the hard work has just begun...  

the following pages and resources are designed to help you guide and introduce your need leader into Scouting.  It’s important that we make them feel welcome, valued and part of the team and by following a few simple steps you can.

lf possible, get together before they come to their first night, Run through the planned programme for the weeks ahead and provide an overview of the programme for the term.  This is also a great opportunity for you to talk to them about what you would like them to get involved with and this will help them settle in quicker if they know what to expect and it’s a chance to ask questions away from the noise and chaos of the meeting.

Welcome behaviour

Whether your new leader is someone who has experience of Scouting or not, it’s fair to say that having come through the door they’re now thinking ‘argh – there seem to be be more young people here since last time and they’re shouting and running round, I’m not sure I can do this.’

It’s crucial to act quickly at this point – a welcoming smile, an introduction to the leader team, a reminder of the programme and a cup of tea should help them relax.

During the first couple of weeks let them soak up the atmosphere and get used to how the meetings run. Make sure that they are getting involved with activities and learning the young people’s names; not standing on the sidelines.

Throw them in at the deep end and you’re in danger of scaring them off. Breaking them in gently will pay dividends as confidence grows and soon they’ll be able to run games and activities on their own.

Show you care

District meetings are the perfect opportunity to meet fellow leaders, swap ideas and realise the whole network of support available, so invite your new leader along. Talk about the importance of training and the different options they have for completing modules within time scales.

Demonstrate the Group’s commitment to them by asking a member of your District team  to come to a meeting and invest them, in recognition of the important role they’ve undertaken.

And the end of all that, just four little words show that the time and effort you’ve put in has paid off – ‘see you next week.’

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