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Once you have the right person to carry out a role in Scouting, the next step is integration, which means helping them to become a part of your Group.

What is integration?

Integration is the next step after someone says yes. It is about welcoming them and getting them started in Scouting and moving forward. This involves:


Many people who get involved in Scouting leave after just a short while, this could be for a variety of reasons from not having a chance to do anything, not being sure exactly what is expected of them, not feeling valued, to being left without any support.

A good way of overcoming some of these difficulties, and encouraging people to stay involved with Scouting longer, is to plan a period of integration into Scouting for a new leader or helper.

Agreeing a role

When an adult takes on a new role in Scouting, it is important to agree both what the adult will do for Scouting and what Scouting will do for them. This is known as ' mutual agreement' or ' agreeing the role' to find out more about this simple process click here.

Induction plans

It is important when someone agrees to take on a role in Scouting that they are not then just left to get on with it. They need to be welcomed, and given the tools, support and contacts to help them get started. A simple induction plan should be put together for all adults taking up new roles. Things to consider when putting together the plan are:


            do they know where the meetings are held?

The induction plan should address these issues in a sensible timescale and be agreed with all involved in it. The plan then needs to be put into practice.

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